Friday, March 12, 2010

Breaking even? Ask again in 2015.

Getting lots of questions about if/when these hens will start paying for themselves.  Here's my best guess:

Including coop, feeder, waterer, feed, etc., it costs about $1300 to the date of the first egg.  From here on out, let's assume two dozen eggs per week.  Ari tells me that the free-range, cage-free, organic, eggs we buy are $4 / dozen.  That's $8/week and $416/year.   Assume we spend $10 per month to feed the girls and $30 more per year on other stuff (including more hens when these stop laying), so our costs are $150 per year, and our "profit" is $266 per year.  So it'll take 4.88 years to break even.

4.88 years from March 3, 2010, the date of our first egg, will be Sunday, January 18, 2015.

After that, it's free eggs forever.  If I live to age 90 -- I'll save more than $13,000 (2010 dollars).

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