Monday, January 11, 2010

Girls Night Out!

I accidentally locked the chickens out of the coop last night -- the door to the run must have swung shut when we were at my parents house, and I forgot to check when we got home.  It was about 15 degrees when I went outside to check on them at 5:15 this morning, but fortunately there was little wind.  Zoe was walking around the yard, pecking at the grass that was sticking up through the snow and ice, and the other three were roosted in the windows of a wooden playhouse we have in the corner of the yard.  I put them inside the coop, but they went right our into the run, completely unharmed and unfazed.  I gave them some raw oats and went to the gym.  They were still outside when I got home around 7, so I think their night out didn't cause any harm.


  1. Glad nothing happened to them... I have some that sleep outside every night, I was worried about them but their doing just fine. (they do sleep in the run, under the coop since its been cold).

  2. I'm also happy to hear all is well.
    I heard that chickens can take cold much better than they can the heat of summer.
    Good for them.


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