Friday, December 4, 2009

Pats Owner Bob Kraft Petitions City for Permission To Keep Chickens

Brookline clucking over Robert Kraft coop
By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa | Friday, December 4, 2009 | | The Inside Track

Photo by Stuart Cahill
Robert Kraft’s football team laid an egg down in New Orleans earlier this week - and now the New England Patriots [team stats] pooh-bah wants to keep chickens in his Brookline backyard!

The Krafts’ caretaker Rodney Buttry appeared at a recent Brookline Health Department meeting to petition the town to allow a dozen barnyard biddies to take up residence at the Krafts’ Chestnut Hill homestead. The birds would be relocated from Casa Kraft on the Cape.

Word is, Robert and Myra’s grandkids are big fans of the fowl and enjoy the whole back-to-nature experience. Not to mention the tasty eggs.

Anyway, the town building department has given the gentleman farmer the green light, but Health Department Director Dr. Alan Balsam is holding off on making a decision for 10 days.

“At the meeting I outlined my concerns, including what the structure will look like, if it’s enclosed, if it has a roof, and if the chickens can get out,” Balsam told the Track. “I don’t want roosters, and the chickens should be limited to 12. Most importantly, I would like to see a rodent-control plan and would like to know how they are going to compost the chicken feces.”


Which leads us to the Krafts’ neighbors, one of whom is clucking about potential noise and smell as well as the wild animals the chickens might attract.

“As an elderly resident, I am concerned for our health, welfare and safety as well as that of our small dog,” wrote Robert Usen, whose property is 240 feet from the proposed coop.

“I am considering their concerns,” said Balsam, who added that three other Brookline residents keep chickens on their property.

Apparently, chicken-keeping is a new celebrity rage. The Krafts’ pal Donald Trump is rumored to keep poultry on his spread in Bedford, N.Y. And, of course, The Donald’s Bedford neighbor, Martha Stewart, is always squawking about her flock, and “Desperate Housewives” gal Felicity Huffman’s kids get a kick out of their coopful.

File Under: Chicken Dance.

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