Monday, December 21, 2009

The girls are back outside!!!

I've been pretty nervous since we got about a foot of snow overnight from Saturday to Sunday.  Due to the way the wind was blowing, the run filled with about 2 feet of snow.  If I had thought of it, I could have protected the three open sides of the run with some scrap ply I have.  But, I didn't think of it.

What was making me nervous was the change in the girls' routine.  Normally, they head outside as soon as I open the door in the morning to eat and drink. But, they refused to go outside Sunday morning.  The heated waterer is outside, and I kept bringing fresh water inside the coop, but it didn't seem like they were drinking at all.  They have food inside and outside, but I wasn't sure if they were eating either.  The same thing happened this morning -- they did not go outside and didn't seem that interested in the food and water inside.

HOWEVER, I checked the live feed a few minutes ago, and the girls were outside, eating, drinking, and pooping (the pooping should help melt the snow!).  I am very relieved.

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