Wednesday, November 4, 2009

No flash photography please

While my hens have amazing instincts hardwired into their bird brains, dealing with a camera's flash is not one of them.

Halloween was the first night they were in the coop without the heat lamp and, accordingly, the first night the spent entirely in the dark.  I went to check on them at one point, and they were all snuggled up on the roost in the window, looking out at the night.  I had a camera with me as I'd been taking pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes, so I tried to snap a quick pic of the chicks on their roost.  Zoe and Henrietta handled it fine, but Juliette and Penny were so startled by the flash that they flew backwards off of the roost and landed on their chicken butts.  Luckily, everyone is ok.  It was pretty funny.


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