Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rain Rain - Can't Stop Us

Despite the rain, we had a productive day.  Ari worked, Grammy took Jackson and Talia to see a stage production of Harold and the Purple Crayon, and Nate and I went to Agway to pick up 50lbs of organic grower feed and then to Home Depot to get some hooks and chain to hang the waterer.  The chicks were kicking up tons of shavings into their water, so I suspended it at the height of their backs and so far, no shavings in the water.  The benefit of the chain is that, as the grow, it will be easy to raise the waterer.

When the rain stopped, I went for a 4 mile run in my Vibram FiveFingers (can't recommend them enough), and then we let the chicks out of the run to free range for about an hour.  They have plenty of room in the run (10 square feet per bird), but they enjoyed their time in the yard.

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