Sunday, October 18, 2009


I've gotten a few questions through email, so I figured I'd post answers for all to see.

Where did you get the chicks?
We ordered day old chicks from They arrived safe and sound and all are doing well at 4 weeks (today!). Hopefully, they're all hens, but we won't know for sure for a few months.

Where did you get the coop?

I was going to build one myself, but anything I build isn't aesthetically pleasing, so I bought it from a farmer in Central Massachusetts who builds coops on the side. So far, we're extremely pleased with the coop. I'll post a picture from the outside later.

Where do you get feed and equipment?

So far, we've bought most things online -- include the chick starter feed, chick feeder and waterer, heat bulbs. There are a bunch of good websites. We also have a farm supply coop here in Essex County, Mass. called (not surprisingly) the Essex County Coop. We also bought aspen shavings at our local Petco and some parakeet grit from Pet Express in Lynn, MA.

When will they lay eggs?

This is the most asked question. Typically, hens begin to lay around 18-22 weeks, depending on the breed. But, in order to reach full laying capacity, they need about 14 hours of daylight. Our girls are going to reach laying age in New England in February, so they might not lay until spring. In the future, we might add artificial light on a timer to keep them laying through the winter, but not this year.

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